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Here is an extensive resource page that I’ve added to the site in order to give my current and future clients information that they can use for their next real estate transaction. This page will continue to grow on a regular basis so please check back often.

Selling a Home


What’s Your Home’s Value? Answer just a few questions, and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible with what I think your home is worth.
Divorce and Real Estate – An extensive guide discussing what happens with real estate if you happen to be getting separated or divorced in Baldwin County.

The Listing Strategy for Your Home

  • Photography and Staging – It’s no surprise that most buyers are searching for homes online nowadays, so having high-quality pictures of a properly staged home is crucial. The better your home looks and the more high quality pictures there are to see, the more buyers will want to schedule a showing. The more potential buyers that come through your door, the quicker you’ll receive an offer. With nearly 12 years’ experience, I’m dedicated to providing advice to properly stage your home and to utilize the maximum amount of quality pictures that our MLS system allows. When you’re ready to get started, please contact me and I’ll show you what we can do for you.
  • Intelligent Pricing Strategy – There are reasons why some homes sell in a timely fashion and others tend to go stale on the market. One of the biggest reasons for homes not selling is because they are not properly priced. Although a Comparative Market Analysis is a great tool, there are several other measures that need to be used in order to price your home that benefits you the best like market conditions, market seasonality, and your priorities. I’ll lay everything out so that you can make a quality decision based on all of these factors.
  • Effective Marketing – Marketing to many agents is simply putting a sign in your front yard, but effective marketing goes well beyond that. Again, since most people begin their home search online, the listing strategy for your property should be centered around the internet, while still using other conventional methods. Here, your home will be marketed in the following ways: featured in over 180 websites, front page attention on this site which is one of the top websites in the county, national syndication, social media exposure, virtual tour with a QR code, print ads, and inter-office marketing.
  • Great Follow Up – One of the biggest complaints that I hear from sellers who have sold in the past is that they never hear from the agent after their home is listed. They see them twice, at the listing presentation and if the home sells. Selling a home can be very stressful, and great communication can help combat the stress. You’ll obviously be notified when someone wants to see your home, but I’ll also provide you with feedback from the showing agent afterwards. After I list your home or condo, I’ll notify you whenever a new listing comes on the market in your neighborhood so you know your competition. Finally, you’ll receive weekly reports of what homes went under contract so we can analyze why yours didn’t.

Articles for Sellers

I’ve written all of the articles on this page based on 12 years of experience, never copied and pasted.

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Buying a Home

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Search at a Glance. Here are a number of searches that I’ve already created, just point and click.
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— Look here for the Ultimate Guide to New Construction in Baldwin County.

I would love to work with you in the search and purchase of your new home or condo. I encourage you to continue reading more about the process and other articles for buyers. When you’re ready to get started, we’ll hit the ground running!

The Buying Process

  • Initial Consultation – I really believe that an initial meeting is crucial in order to grasp what is important to you. Instead of just randomly looking at a bunch of properties “out of the gate,” I want to get a good understanding of your priorities, time frame, and needs. For instance, you may not only want to be on the Gulf, but you also may want to be able to hear the waves. Also, some people may have plenty of time to work with in their purchase while others may need to close within 45 days. During our consultation, we’ll discuss price range, neighborhoods, square footage/number of bedroom needs, schools, investment concerns, and mortgages (if needed). What I want to find out goes deeper than that though. I want to know what is a “must have” and what you can live with.
  • Set Up a Personal Saved Search – Once we determine exactly what you are looking for, I’ll create a profile for you within this website that will notify you through email whenever a new listing comes on the market that matches your parameters. This will save you time in the long run by not having to sift through tons of properties that you don’t want to see. Of course, if your parameters change, I can alter the search at any time.
  • Let’s Go Look! – When we go out to tour homes for the first time, we’ll likely need a couple of hours so we can see several at a time. You will definitely find some that you like and some that you don’t, so I like to use a grading system for each property so you can easily identify which listings that you would like to toss. Since we’ll be visiting multiple properties at a time, it’s a real good idea to bring a notepad with you so you make notes for each property, good and bad. Along with your opinion, I’ll be giving mine. I’ll give you my advice for things that could potentially affect resale value in the future like traffic issues, nearby power lines, school systems, awkward floor plans, etc.
  • Making the Offer – Once you find the property that’s just right for you, I’ll run a market analysis to see if the home was priced correctly and communicate with the listing agent to see if there are any other interested buyers. I’ll put together the offer detailing all disclosures and contingencies. This is also the time when you will need to write a check for your earnest money deposit which is usually up to 1% of the purchase price. Although your offer may be accepted right away, most of the time there will be a couple of negotiations that I’ll take care of on your behalf.
  • Contract to Close – Typical closing periods are around 30 to 45 days, from the ratification of the contract to closing. During this time, there will usually be a few inspections/contingencies to work with which I will orchestrate for you. I will also get your paperwork to all parties involved, work with inspectors, and be in constant communication with your lender, title company, and the listing agent. It’s my job to make contract to close as less stressful for you as possible.
  • Closing Day – You will have your settlement statement from the lender 3 days before closing and, once the title company has finalized all of the documents, you’ll be notified of exactly how much money you need to bring to the table. In our area, we happen to have a number of out-of-town buyers, so sending the documents overnight to you is possible but you have to sign them in front of a notary. Just prior to closing, we’ll set up a “walk through” to verify that the property is in the same or better condition than at the time of writing the offer. Also, this is the time when we’ll verify that all repairs were made, if needed. Once everything is finished, the keys to your new home are yours!

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Calculators for Buyers

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