No Forced Registration

After 1,000’s of hours of research and writing to create one of the largest real estate websites in Baldwin County, I’ve decided to not force potential clients to register to look at properties here at  

This decision really comes from me going to other websites and getting irritated from pop-ups and forced registration when all I wanted to do was to get a little information. 

How frustrating!!

I obviously want to attract clients and not repel them, so from now on you will be able to freely look at the details of as many properties as you would like without having to be forced to register to “get a little information”.  

There’s a lot of debate in the real estate industry over this topic, and there is no shortage of real estate websites in any given area. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re giving real value to the consumer, they will remember you. 



I want LiveGulfShoresLocal to be the one-stop shop for everything that is related to real estate in Baldwin County. Nearly every real estate agent in town has a website “page” provided by their broker. They’re everywhere! I’ve been asking myself this question for the past 3 years, “How can I make it better?”  How can I bring more value to the real estate consumer in Baldwin County?

The answer is evolving . . .

In addition to that, this site is striving hard to provide a ton of information about the area too! For example, check out this page on The Ultimate Guide to Life in Fairhope. Moving to a new house is overwhelming enough, but how about moving to an unfamiliar area? This site is constantly adding content about the area. There are 6 major cities in Baldwin County with numerous towns and unincorporated areas. You can find details for what you’re looking for here.


Picture this. You are in the market to buy a new house, so what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Google. Most people might type in something like Daphne Real Estate but that’s not deep enough. Maybe you already know of a neighborhood that you like, so you type in homes for sale in Bellaton of Daphne.  

This site is striving on a daily basis to give buyers and sellers what they want. I can attest to this because it’s 11 pm and I’m typing.  ?  In my eyes, here’s what I think a good quality real estate website should offer buyers and sellers . . .

  • An updated blog. Your local real estate blog should be updated at least 2-3 times a week, giving information about the process of buying or selling, market updates, highlights about a local business, information about a new neighborhood, etc. I just checked and, out of 970 pages, this blog has a total of 283 posts with categories for buyers, sellers, market updates, mortgage updates, and a lot more.
  • Offer buyers and sellers a resource for all of the facets of real estate.
  • Give the ability to search for new homes that are currently on the market.
  • Give answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Help buyers and sellers save money.
  • Provide support.
  • Give answers through numerous real estate articles.

It really is endless but the bottom line is this. I have come to the conclusion that potential clients do not need to be sold by me calling them after they are forced to register on my site. 

If this site has provided value, you will know that I’m an expert in real estate and know the area.  

I know that this is probably the only site in the entire region that is not forcing visitors to register, but I’m comfortable with that. Bookmark this site or memorize it. When you’re ready, I’ll give you the best service that you can imagine.

The ball’s in your court. When you want exceptional real estate service as a buyer or seller, reach out to me.

Jeff Nelson