Buzz Worth Real Estate Articles - November 2017

Well, the holiday season is now in full swing but that doesn’t stop the real estate industry.  You may be surprised that thousands of homes will close over the next 30 days and tons of people will begin the new year in a brand new home.  Whether you’re a buyer or seller, I’ve compiled my favorite real estate articles from November and highlighted them below.  Click on the link in each paragraph to jump to the full article.  

My Picks for the Best Real Estate Articles in November 2017

Does the Home You Want to Buy Actually Exist?

I’ve heard from many different clients, “If only I could place the home we saw today in the neighborhood we were at yesterday”.  Oftentimes the home we want is out there but we may get priced out or it may not be in the right part of town.  Anita Clark writes a great article that is pertinent with many home buyers around the country.  She writes that if other factors are causing you to not get “all that and the kitchen sink” you may have to re-work your wish list to create a new vision of what you really want.  It’s all about prioritizing needs versus wants.

Getting Your Home Ready for a Smooth Sale

Let’s face it.  When buyers are touring homes they’re not only looking for properties that meet their needs and wants, they are also looking for how much work they’ll have to put into the house to make it their own.  With everything else being the same if a buyer is torn between 2 properties but one needs more work, they’ll go with the path of least resistence.  In this article, Eileen Anderson goes over every aspect of getting your home prepared for a smooth sale.  From staging to pest removal, this article covers everything. 

3 Basic Ways to Make Money from Investing in Real Estate

You don’t have to channel surf too long to find a program on making money by investing in real estate.  It’s big business.  For most of us, the idea of buying a home for investment purposes feels overwhelming but Maria Mastrolonardo lays out in layman’s terms the 3 basic ways to build your real estate portfolio.

How Residential Real Estate Differ from Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Currently it looks like our economy is moving in a positive direction and showing signs of great improvement.  When the economy is doing well business owners will pour money into to new start-ups and expansion.  So, as this happens you’ll find more and more people purchasing commercial properties which is very much different than buying a home.  Take a look at Paul Sian’s article that explains the difference between the two very different transactions.

Should I Get a Home Inspection Before Buying a Home?

Kevin Vitali gives us one of the best articles that I’ve read about getting a home inspection while buying a new home.  He covers how an inspection is laid out in the purchase agreement, should you get an inspection or not, what happens if the seller won’t make repairs, and much more.  Check it out.  This is a great resource.  

How to Evaluate Purchase Offers When Selling a Home

If you think about it, this article touches every single home that is sold in the country.  Kyle Hiscock lays out every aspect of the offer that a seller just received on their home and how it relates to the seller.  He covers timelines, the buyer’s financing, contingencies, and everything else that would be important to a seller.  There are a lot of details here that you need to read if you are planning to sell your home in the near future.  A must read!

Home Staging Tips to Get Your Home Sold Quick

Luke Skar writes one of the best articles that I’ve seen on staging your home to sell.  We all have our own styles and decorating tastes but selling a home can be tricky for those not “in the know”.  There is both science and art involved in selling a home and Luke’s article covers the art.  This is a very informative read that goes over staging the outside, the inside, and even a vacant house.  There are a lot of pointers here to help you to have a successful sale.

Mortgage Tips for First Time Home Buyers

For us home owners, we’ve all been there before – getting a mortgage for the first home.  Here, Bill Gassett puts out yet another great article for tips on getting a mortgage for the first time.  This can be daunting for many of us but Bill explains the process in an easy to ready fashion, giving pointers along the way to help the mortgage process go much more smooth.  To be honest, this article would apply to anyone getting a mortgage as well.


November was a great month for real estate articles.  I hope you enjoyed learning from some of the best in the business.

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