Gulf Shores Condo Review

Here you’ll find the most complete real estate market update for condo sales in Gulf Shores!  As a busy Realtor at the beach, I like to keep my current and future clients up to date with the most useful information possible for buying or selling a beach condo.

If you know the market at all, you’re already aware that Gulf Shores is strong with many condos closing every single month, even in the off season.  You’ll see that below.  Even though we’re in the middle of the winter, buyers are continuing to purchase their next condo for either personal use, investment, or a little of both.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell in lower Alabama, please reach out to me.

Gulf Shores Condo Review – January 2020

There were 64 condos sold in Gulf Shores from December 1st through the 31st!  Keep in mind that doesn’t include other sales at the beach including those in Orange Beach, land, or single family homes.  Directly below, you’ll see all of the statistics for these units including:

  • List price
  • Selling price
  • Condo community
  • Unit number
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • How much square feet
  • and the closing date


Condos Sold Last Month

Sold Condos in Gulf Shores - Dec 2019

The above information is valuable no matter if you’re buying or selling.  This lets you see what the pulse of the market looks like for condos in Gulf Shores.  While we mainly see more sales at lower price points, this tells us that of the 55 closings 31 of them were under $300,000.

You also get to see the difference between the listing price and the selling price which in this case averages 96%.  This means that buyers were able to (on average) get 4% off of the list price and we are still in a slight buyer’s market.

Gulf Shores Condo Real Estate Stats

Gulf Shores Condo Stats Page 1 - Jan 2020


  • 264 condos for sale
  • Highest price – $1,230,000
  • Lowest price – $113,000
  • Average price – $331,533
  • Median price – $275,000
  • Price per foot – $313
  • Largest – 3,763 square feet
  • Smallest – 420 square feet
  • Average size – 1,081 square feet
  • Days on the market – 128


I run across condo buyers with various types of needs but for the most part, they want to at least rent out their unit some.  We do find buyers who want to purchase a condo to live in full time but I usually find that they want to live “near” the beach but not on it.  Whatever the case may be, there are usually many options to choose from (like there is now), in all different price ranges.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive unit in the mid $100k’s, you could choose a community like Colony Club or The Enclave at Oak Hill.  Currently there are 45 units for sale under $200,000!

If you want a condo right on the beach to attract the most tourists, you may consider a complex like Gulf Tower or The Beach Club.  Here’s everything, in all price ranges….


$100,000 to $200,000 – $200,000 to $300,000 – $300,000 to $400,000
$400,000 to $500,000 – $500,000 to $600,000 – $600,000 to $1,000,000

Gulf Shores Condo Stats Page 2 - Jan 2020

Just when you think sales will slow down during the off season, we find 64 condos selling in December, a 36% increase over the same time last year.  That’s a strong market for an area this size and at this time of year!


  • 64 condos sold
  • Highest price – $755,000
  • Lowest price – $136,000
  • Average price – $316,517
  • Median price – $325,000
  • Largest – 2,231 square feet
  • Smallest – 279 square feet
  • Average size – 1,079 square feet
  • Price per foot – $302
  • Days on the market – 118
  • Listing to selling price ratio – 96%


If you’re a buyer for investment purposes, you have to think like a tourist.  Tourist are making their entire decision based on the information they’re getting online and how much they can spend.  Tourists are wanting to get as close to the beach as possible and have a great view if they can.  In this best case scenario, prices will start in the low $300k’s.  If you’re budget doesn’t allow for this, there is a market for all price ranges, including condos that sit a few blocks from the beach. 

Get with me personally to discuss your needs for an investment purchase.

As I mentioned earlier, the real estate market in Gulf Shores is still slightly favoring the buyer.  Buyers should be able to see a final sales price that is anywhere from 2%-5% off the listing price and of course, I’ll work hard to negotiate the best deal for you.

Buying a Condo in Gulf Shores??

Here you’ll find a list of most Gulf Shores condos and where they’re located…….

Sometimes these dozens of communities run together in your mind so I created this map to help you get your bearings (hopefully).  Click on any of the markers to get the name of complex.  Play around with this some……You can zoom in and out, share, etc.


My goal is to make this process as easy as I can for you during the process.  So, one of the ways I did this was to actually list out just about every condo complex in Gulf Shores.  Check out this link…..

Condo Communities – Find links to almost every complex in town with small description, community information, and condos that are for sale.

Steps to Buying a Gulf Shores Condo

Below is a screenshot of the “Saved Search” Tool that you will have with me for any of your property searches.  This tool will help you organize your thoughts and provide additional information for the area.

Collaboration Center

Steps to Buying a Gulf Shores Condo Continued


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